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Questions and Answers

Where can I buy a good pair of Diamond stud earrings?

I want to get a pair of diamond stud earrings for my girlfriend. I got her a pair a few years ago and she really liked it. I got that pair of earrings from a local jewelry store and it costs about 450, I later discovered online that they have the same pair of earrings for almost half the price. I wouldn't mind spending money on buying a pair of earrings for her but I don't want to feel like I got ripped. It felt safer to buy it at the local jewelry store because it feels like they are more "real," I am tempted to buy them online cause they are so much cheaper, but I am afraid if I buy the diamond studs online the gems/gold may be lab synthetic, I want to get her the real stuff made up of real gems and gold. (Sorry if it sounds confusing)

So to sum it up:
1) If I purchase jewelry online and it comes with a certificate, does that mean they are made up of the real stuff?
2) Any recommendation on where I can purchase them online?
3) My budget is around $600 (Been saving for a while), the budget is adjustable, so it can go higher.

Side question: What is your take on the Bezel vs other types of Diamond, Bezel types seem to be more expensive, I have a mixed feeling about those types, I feel like they look better compared to others, but at the same time they seem to look a bit uglier than the regular types.

I found this site, does it seem to be a good place to purchase?

If you have read up to this point, I sincerely thank you for your time and help.

Posted by Luck

Buying diamonds online is probably less risky than buying them in a jewelry store. I've seen lots of online places that sell fake diamonds (moissanite and CZ), lab-created diamonds, and diamonds that have been color enhanced or clarity enhanced. However, they are all clearly labeled as such.

I prefer do to business with people who don't carry that kind of merchandise in the first place. Online places I would recommend are B2Cjewels (10% above wholesale), Blue Nile (20% above wholesale), James Allen, WhiteFlash, and Brian Gavin Diamonds (all a bit more expensive). Plus a few bargain places: Union Diamond, Brilliance, and Enchanted Diamonds.

If you get a diamond with a certificate, it should be a first-class certificate. That would be GIA, AGS, or HRD-Antwerp. The last one isn't available in the US, and AGS is kind of rare, so that pretty much narrows it down to GIA.

At Blue Nile, 99% of their diamonds are GIA-certified, the other 1% AGS-certified. B2C, Union Diamond, and Enchanted Diamonds are a mixed bag: they sell junk diamonds with junk certificate right alongside GIA-certified good diamonds. (If the price looks too good to be true, it's usually one of the junk diamonds.)

A GIA certificate doesn't guarantee that it's good diamond, just that it's a real, natural, untreated diamond that has whatever qualities it says on the certificate.

I've been trying to find something in your budget, but it's very time-consuming. Blue Nile had a pair of platinum settings for studs for $250, but their cheapest pair of diamonds (0.46 carats) was about $600 and not very good quality. For $50 to $100 more they had diamonds that were halfway decent.

The reason platinum is a good choice is because white goes better with diamonds, but white gold is actually rhodium-plated gray gold. It tarnishes and the plating wears off. Platinum is more expensive because it only comes in high purity (900 or 950). 14k yellow gold is the next best choice for people on a budget.

It's a good idea to stay away from diamonds with a clarity rating below SI2, and preferably below SI1. For color, J is about as low as you can push it, I is better but not great.

Bezel is just a style of setting where the metal overlaps the edge of the diamond. Most diamond experts say it's a terrible thing to do to a diamond, since diamonds need light.

If you mean the shape of the diamond, round brilliant is the most popular shape, accounting for 50% of all diamond sales. Princess cut (square) is the second most popular, accounting for 25% of diamond sales. Round brilliant has the most sparkle, but is the most expensive, and to some people, the most boring-looking because it's so common. At one carat round brilliant is about 25% more expensive than princess cut, but at 1/2 carat the difference is less.

By the way, the website you mention sells IGL-certified diamonds. This is not a reliable certificate. On the other hand, it's nice that they tell you what the clarity-grade is and let you pick which one you want.

Buying a diamond?

Any advice on buying diamonds? I want to get a really nice diamond, but I want to get a deal on it. It’s not that I’m inherently opposed to buying diamonds, it’s just that I know there are enough diamonds in the world for every man, woman, and child to have a cup full of them. Damn DeBeers! Anyway, does anybody have any thoughts on how I can get a deal? I'm looking for a 2 carat round stone…

Posted by godofsparta

Colour, clarity, carat and cut – the 4 C's to consider when buying diamonds.

If you go for a 2 carat, u might get a decent price BUT be aware that the quality might not be that great. Good quality diamonds have little inclusions (good clarity) AND good cut.

If it's quality you are going for, ask that the diamond be certified by a reputable certirfication lab and check your spec against what they have at so you know if you're paying a good price. I'm South African and diamonds are a huge industry here.

Also, be aware that you may not be getting a good quality natural diamond (those are very expensive). What jewellers do (mostly in the USA) is they get ordinary diamonds with lots of inclusions and use lasers to reduce the inclusions.

Where do jewelers buy their loose diamonds?

Or, what is they best website for buying loose diamonds that are not terribly expensive. I am looking for at least a 1ct. Diamond. No lower than I clarity. Princess or radiant cut.

Posted by volata_bionda

Jewelers buy their loose diamonds in bulk and individual customers aren't allowed to buy at the Rapapport-based prices they use. (I'd love to!) Any website that claims to offer wholesale prices usually has a disclaimer in small print that shows only industry players get the wholesale price and individual customers are charged a "fee" or "premium" or some other term. But it adds up to being as expensive as retailers' prices.

I recommend checking out the two diamond search engines sites ( and Price Scope). Each of these sites lets you input the shape, carat weight, clarity grade, color grade, price range, etc., and then they show you all the loose diamonds available at about 10 different retailers (Blue Nile,, James Allen, Abazias, Mondera, etc.). So, you see side-by-side prices and other details on the diamonds, all on one screen. These search engine sites are very helpful.

Just for kicks, I plugged in what you said in your question: 1 carat or larger, I1 clarity or higher. The Diamond Price Guru site found 26,146 loose princess cut diamonds and 7,922 loose radiant cut diamonds, all of them 1 carat or heavier and I1 clarity or higher.

The lowest priced princess cut diamond listed was $889.34. The lowest priced radiant cut diamond was $1,173.

I hope this helps.

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